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Inspired by nature and handcrafted with passion, our products are designed for everyday inspiration. Based in Singapore, we create interesting air plants (tillandsias) terrariums & designs as well as alluring handcrafted products made from natural materials for home décor, gifts and a modern lifestyle.
Here, you will find a list of useful air plants (tillandsias) information and interesting natural materials like air plants (tillandsias), sea shells, sea urchins, horticultural sands, stone & pebbles, crystals, preserved reindeer moss, drift & elm wood to enjoy air plants (tillandsias) design and other craft making. And you will also discover many handcrafted products like air plants (tillandsias) terrariums & holders, ceramics, basketwares, wood crafts and leather goods for your home décor, gifts and living that nature inspired lifestyle.  

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