About Us


At Crafted Identity, our mission is to curate a captivating selection of home décor and lifestyle products inspired by nature. We embrace the philosophy of "Made by nature, inspired by art!" Our vision extends beyond mere product sales; it's a journey of inspiration, learning, and sharing through the synergy of Nature and Art. We cherish the experience with our staff, customers, partners, and the community in which we thrive.

Our product range encompasses houseplants, exotic plants, platycerium kokedama, bonsai, airplants, gifts, and an array of other intriguing handcrafted items.


How Crafted Identity Came About:

Crafted Identity emerged from the shared passion of a husband and wife team who reveled in nature, travel, and culinary delights. The concept took root in 2014 when founders Adrian and his wife embarked on decorating their new home in Singapore. Intrigued by the charm of tillandsias, or 'air plants,' they were captivated by the plants' fuzzy and spectacular appearance. The adaptability of air plants in various designs became a fascination, prompting Adrian to craft unique decorations using different air plant species, seashells, driftwood, terrariums, and pots.

As their passion blossomed, they started growing these plants on a wholesale scale, introducing them to friends and relatives who marveled at their beauty. This positive reception led them to not only share air plants but also explore other fascinating plant varieties and natural-material-based products. The journey to source well-crafted and reasonably priced home decor items inspired them to create a platform for sharing these discoveries. Crafted Identity was conceived to offer a blend of natural and modern aesthetics, providing a timeless appeal that aligns with their enduring quest for a distinctive yet timeless look.


We are currently located at :

City Sprouts Punggol Greenhouse A13. 50 Punggol East S828826.


Operating Hours :

Sat & Sun : 2pm - 7pm

Tue - Fri : By Appt

And please kindly contact us again before heading down as sometimes we might be out for external events.


Contact :

Any enquires; can contact us by HP : 96520313 or email at craftedidentity@gmail.com. You can also check out IG : craftedidentity for latest updates of events or products.