Tillandsia Triplets with Sputnik Denuded Sea Urchin

Tillandsia Triplets with Sputnik Denuded Sea Urchin


Tillandsia Triplets with Sputnik Denuded Sea Urchin

- 1 X Tillandsia Ionantha

- 1 X Tillandsia Bulbosa

- 1 X Tillandsia Brachycaulos

- 3 X Sputnik Denuded Sea Urchin (Medium size, app 6 cm each)


Tillandsia Ionantha is one of the more popular and sought after tillandsia. This specific word ionantha is taken from the Greek adjective, ion, meaning ‘violet’, and the noun, anthos, meaning ‘flower’. One of the best aspects of the Ionantha air plant is that it is a very hearty and durable plant, that will require little attention compared to some other varieties of air plants. Found from Mexico to Central America. It is popular in cultivation as a result of it being small, attractive and easy to cultivate. Groups of plants can develop into dense clusters of rosettes by the production of offsets, forming large beautiful clumps in a ball like look. When bloom, you can admire its contrasting violet flower spikes and red inner leave.

Tillandsia Bulbosa is quite a distinctive species unlike any other Tillandsia in appearance. It is very difficult to get confused with other species except maybe Tillandsias Baileyi. And it probably derives its name from it very large bulbous base that can measure up to about 2 to perhaps 4 cm. And it has oddly twisted and curly leaves, giving this variety a weird “ET” appearance. And bulbosa is native to southern Mexico and the West Indies southward into northern South America. Native populations also exist in the most southerly reaches of Florida. It’s very adaptable and can grow up to 12 cm - 15 cm. This species grows best when provided with bright filtered light, warm temperatures, and high humidity. When it starts to bloom, the uppermost leaves become bright red and produce tubular flowers with bright violet petals. Absolutely gorgeous for the bulbosa in bloom.

Tillandsia Brachycaulos originates from the cloud forests of Mexico and Guatemala. It starts its life cycle with bright light green and velvety leaves. A fast growing plant; Brachycaulos is an easy to care, and drought tolerant. When in bloom, its changes its colour gradually into beautiful pink and finally emits a bright waxy purple or pinkish flower! These air plants can grow in a height of 9 - 11 cm.

Sputnik Denuded Sea Urchin. Strange and alluring looking creatures. One of our coolest ‘kids' in our block. This cool and beautiful finish sputnik sea urchin looks simply stunning. Just take a closer look at the details and you will known what I meant. And it bring a whole punch of coastal charm to your home or office. Pairs well with Tillandsias and seems so effortlessly easily. These little lovelies will look just right near the window or a sunlit shelf. Sea urchins average about 2.5- 3" and their color may different being product of nature.