Asparagus setaceus
Asparagus setaceus

Asparagus setaceus


Asparagus setaceus, commonly referred to as Asparagus Fern, is really not a fern. It gets its nickname from its densely branched, feathery ‘leaves’ which gives it a fern-like appearance. Its umbrella-like ‘leaves’ can look like layers of a forest canopy and give a very zen feel to the home.

Asparagus is a genus of flowering plants in the Asparagaceae family, which includes the commercially important Asparagus officinalis, or Asparagus vegetable, that we eat. The genus is quite diverse, with species originating from rainforests to semi-desert regions.

The product comes in a plastic nursery pot. (Black ceramic pot is for illustration purposes only). Approximately 25-30cm in height.

Care Guide

Light: bright shade

Water: Water when top inch is dry

Humidity: Average to high

Medium: Well-draining soil. We recommend using our Tropical Ground Epiphytic Potting Mix.

Propagation: tubers, seeds

Not pet-friendly


This product comes in a plastic nursery pot.

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