20 Chinese New Year Plants and Their Meaning!

Chinese New Year is just round the corner! While we are busy shopping for new clothes, and counting our pineapple tart calories so we can fit into those new clothes, why not bring home some auspicious live Chinese New Year plants and flowers? These vibrant pieces come in all shapes and sizes and are perfect for welcoming prosperity and wealth into the home. Not to mention, they provide the perfect backdrop for your Instagram photos! 

1. Jade Plant

    Crassula ovata is commonly known as the Jade Plant because of the beautiful jade green leaves and waxy appearance. The round leaves resemble a tree full of coins. Water this plant when the medium is completely dry and place it in a bright shaded spot.

    2. Lucky Bamboo

    The Lucky Bamboo plant is a very hardy plant and represents protection and resilience. It is an interesting CNY plant with different meanings behind the number of stalks and also the structural arrangement of the stalks. For example, a 5-stalk arrangement represents the 5 elements and brings balance and harmony to your life, while a tower arrangement of the bamboo stalks represents progress and a brighter future. Lucky Bamboo is actually a type of Dracaena (铁树 or Iron Tree), making it a very hardy and easy-to-care for plant. Water when the top inch is dry and place it in a bright shaded spot.

    3. Calamondin

    In Cantonese, the word Orange, or ‘Kam’, sounds like Gold. When this Chinese New Year plant is in full bounty, the shrub appears to be full of gold coins, welcoming wealth and prosperity into the household. Place your Calamondin shrub in a bright shaded spot, and water when the top inch is dry.

    4. Guzmania lingulata

    This striking Bromeliad is enjoyed in full bloom of yellow or bright red during this time of year. Of course red is considered a lucky colour and yellow represents gold. This plant is also closely related to the pineapple, or Ananas comosus, which, in Hokkien, is called ‘ong lai’, which also sounds like 'the arrival of good fortune'. Bromeliads are tough plants. Care for them in bright shade and keep the central reservoir moist as they absorb water through their leaves, like their relative, the Air Plant. However, do be on the look out for those pesky mosquitos!

    5. Desert Rose

    Adenium, or Desert Rose, is called 富贵花 in Mandarin, meaning 'flower of riches'. The flowers are bright red, pink or white, which are all lucky colors, and the larger the swollen ‘belly’ of the plant, the more prosperous you will be! Care for the Desert Rose in bright indirect sunlight, and water when the soil dries out.

    6. Kalanchoe blossfeldiana

    Kalanchoe blossfeldiana is referred to as 万紫千红 in Mandarin, which when literally translated means '10,000 purple, 1,000 red', referring to its abundance of flowers. In Mandarin, it also sounds like a blessing to have many children and receive lots of reverence. This succulent plant is easy to care for as it needs infrequent watering and thrives with bright, indirect light.

    7. Asian Pitcher Plant

    Nicknamed 袋袋平安 in Mandarin, which translates to 'many bags of peace', the tropical pitcher plant, or Nepenthes, also symbolizes bags full of wealth for years to come. Some varieties also have red ‘bags’, the lucky colour of the festive season. The larger the ‘bags’ are on your Nepenthes, the more auspicious! This plant is easy to care for. Place it in a sunny spot and keep the medium moist.

    8. Phalaenopsis Orchid

    Phalaenopsis orchids are probably a year-round staple, available in beautiful colors of purple, yellow and white. Named 蝴蝶兰 in Mandarin, which means 'butterfly orchid', Phalaenopsis orchids symbolize vitality, fertility and abundance for the whole year! Keep these long-lasting, elegant blooms out of direct sunlight and water when the medium is dry. Apply a flowering fertilizer regularly after the blooms have fallen off.

    9. Pachira aquatica

    Pachira aquatica, or 发财树, is a great plant for those of you in business or desiring to welcome prosperity and success into the household. The braided version can represent a tightly-knit family and two stalks a committed couple. This popular indoor plant is incredibly hardy. Having come from wetlands, it is hard to overwater this plant. Additionally, it can deal with a variety of lighting conditions.

    10. Bonsai

    Bonsais are a symbol of wealth and status. The art form, which originated in Chinese culture, represents longevity and elegance as it takes years of apprenticeship and patience to sculpt a beautiful piece. There are many varieties of Bonsais. Most require a brightly lit spot with a few hours of direct sunlight and adequate watering. Consider a grow light if you would like to enjoy your Bonsai indoors!

    11. Peace Lily

    The Peace Lily, or Spathiphyllum, has been a reliable houseplant staple for decades. Incredibly easy to grow and air purifying, the elegant white flowers of the Peace Lily represents purity and healing in the festive context. Care for it in medium to bright shade, and water when the top inch is dry.

    12. ZZ Plant

    Another incredibly hardy plant, the ZZ plant, or Zamioculcas zamiifolia, is a popular Chinese New Year plant with round leaves resembling coins on a string. For a modern twist, try out our ZZ Raven, a deep, black version of the plant, which in Mandarin is called 黑金, or black gold. This plant can take a range of lighting conditions. Water your ZZ once the medium is dry.

    13. Chinese Money Plant

    Pilea peperomioides, or Chinese Money Plant, is a very popular houseplant that is also fantastic for the Lunar New Year. Its coin-like leaves and bushy appearance is perfect for welcoming wealth and prosperity into your home. Care for your Pilea in bright shade and water when the top inch is dry.

    14. Lady Slipper Orchids

    Paphiopedilums, or Slipper Orchids, are exquisite orchids with long-lasting flowers. They come in bright reds, yellows and whites, all auspicious colors for the season. The spreading horizontal petals represent open arms, welcoming wealth and good fortune into the pouch of the flower. Care for your Slipper Orchid in bright shade and water when the medium is dry.

    15. Maple Bonsai

    The Maple Bonsai is a timeless plant for the New Year, with its red auspicious leaves spread in an umbrella shape, this plant appears to shower you with good fortune. Care for your Maple Bonsai in a bright, shaded spot and water adequately.

    16. Pussy Willow

    The Pussy Willow symbolizes new growth and the anticipation of a new lease of life. The burgundy casings come off over time to reveal soft, furry flower buds that are a favorite of children. This plant is easy to care for even after the New Year season.

    17. Ardisia crenata

    Ardisia crenata, otherwise known as Coral Berry or 朱砂根, produces bright red clusters of berries below the crown of the foliage, signifying abundance, fertility and good fortune. The fruits are long-lasting and the plant, a native to this region, is hardy. Care for it in bright light and water frequently.

    18. Variegated Jade Plant

    Portulacaria afra is also known as the Jade Plant because of the color and waxiness of its leaves. The variegated variety has cream and pink in the leaves as well, symbolizing gold and good luck. The small round leaves of the Jade Plant make it appear to be full of coins. Our Jade Plant is meticulously trimmed in a Bonsai style to make it a perfect décor piece for this Chinese New Year. Care for your Jade Plant in bright to direct sunlight and water only when the medium is completely dry.

    19. Cranberry Hibiscus

    Opt for a modern and elegant twist to your CNY decorations with the soothing, muted red of the Cranberry Hibiscus. Not your typical Chinese New Year plant, this shrub is dressed completely in the auspicious red color, with beautiful maple shaped leaves that will give you the feeling of being on vacation. Paired with our Black Vertical Groove Pot and matching tray, this piece is sure to bring a taste of the New Year without being over the top. Care for the plant with plenty of light and water and feel free to trim the plant when it overgrows.

      20. Peach Blossoms

      Peach blossoms are absolutely ethereal and revitalising. The dainty, pink flowers represent romantic love, good fortune and growth. Pair the plant with an elegant pot and you’ll have the perfect piece for hosting those dinner parties! Care for your Peach Blossoms in bright shade and water when the top inch is dry.


      There you have it, 20 plants that are sure to shower your home with wealth, vitality and good fortune for the whole year! Pair these plants with our minimalist Zen pot collection for a modern style, or our terracotta pots for a more homely feel. We want to wish everyone a very happy, safe and prosperous Chinese New year! Huat ah!