Handwoven Yellow Pandanus Bag

Handwoven Yellow Pandanus Bag


Handwoven Yellow Pandanus Bag

Specification :

43 cm (L) X 18 cm (W)  30 X cm (H)

Material : Pandanus

Handwoven in Indonesia


Conjuring up a feel of cheerfulness and modern tropical paradise with this handmade bright yellow coloured pandanus bag. The spacious and simple design allows for anything or everything you might like to bring along for your next outing. Woven by hand using pandanus leaves, it is further lay within with a layer of cloth. Bring it out for picnic at the beach or any of your causal outing. Enjoy a good joyful time.

Pandanus bag and basketware are made via Pandan Weaving Process by extracting the fibrous parts of the pandan leaves. Pandan does have a lot to offer than just being used as a flavoring to our some of our more tasty food but it is also a great material for weaving. The pandan leaves which are fibrous can actually grow quite long and could also resist decay as well. Its leaves being strapped liked are meticulously woven mutually in order to produce beautiful and durable baskets and bags.