Variegated Portulacaria afra Bonsai (~35cm)

Variegated Portulacaria afra Bonsai (~35cm)


Portulacaria afra is also known as the Jade Plant because of the color and waxiness of its leaves. This variegated succulent has pink and cream it ins leaves as well, making the plant appear to be in bloom. The small round leaves of the Jade Plant make it appear to be full of coins, hence it is very popular around the Chinese New Year period.

Portulacaria is a genus of succulent plants in the Portulacarioideae family. They originate from southern Africa.

Care Guide

Light: Bright shade to direct sunlight

Water: Water when medium is completely dry

Humidity: Dry to average

Medium: Well-draining medium. We recommend using our Cactus and Succulent Potting Mix.

Propagation: Stem cutting



This product comes in a nursery pot.

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