Tillandsia Chiapensis

Tillandsia Chiapensis


Tillandsia Chiapensis

Endemic to and named for the state of Chiapas in southern Mexico; the Tillandsia Chiapensis is one of our all time favourite air plant and it is also an easier to grow beauty.

Chiapensis is one of those solid air plant that no collector will easily one to miss. And looking at it will just make your day glows.

It has soft succulent leaves covered with frosted ‘cotton’ like tricomes. And its leaves protude a scurfy and leathery feel. They spread openly and broadly in a rosette form. And it gives an extraordinary purple hues popping in bright light. The inflorescence is a large pink spike which can last in colour for several months.

The beautiful and its elegant form is simply timeless.

Place in a bright spot but not in direct midday sun, early morning and late afternoon sunlight will suit best to keep a good colour. And it also happens to be  a prolific pupping plant as well.

You will be getting one which is approximately 6 - 7cm in diameter.

Comes with a care card instruction for your maintenance of air plants.