Tilandsia Butzii with Ryssota in White Geometically Shaped Bowl

Tilandsia Butzii with Ryssota in White Geometically Shaped Bowl

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Tilandsia Butzii with Ryssota in White Geometrically Shaped Bowl

- 1 X Tillandsia Butzii

- 1 X Ryssota Ovum (app 8 - 9 cm)

- 1 X White Geometrically Shaped Bowl (17 X 12 cm)

- Grey stones


Tillandsia Butzii has wispy tentacle like leaves. It has a wonderful, whimsical shape with the leaves being spotted. And it is one that is sure to make an impression. It has a small bulbous dark green base, grassy green wavy thin leaves and the plant can grow up to 18 cm in height. Its dark green base has a mixed purple and light spots. Its native habitat is Costa Rica and Mexico. This plant requires more humidity and moisture. This species grow well in conditions of medium to low light combined with frequent watering. Combined with a mixture of rocks, seashells or wood pieces and be in terrarium or pot; this Tillandsia Butzii will look simply stunning.

Ryssota Ovum is a species of large air-breathing land snail, a terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusk in the family Helicarionidae. It originates from Philippines and it is also known as the Polished Muffin Snails, Philippines Muffin Snails or Bayuku in Philippines. Does it look “yummy” and delicious enough to you?