Sarracenia (Trumpet Pitcher)
Sarracenia (Trumpet Pitcher)
Sarracenia (Trumpet Pitcher)

Sarracenia (Trumpet Pitcher)


Sarracenia is North American carnivorous plant commonly referred to as the Trumpet Pitcher. This distinguishes them from the Asian pitcher plant, Nepenthes, usually called the Tropical Pitcher Plant. Trumpet pitchers have modified, tube-like leaves that arise from a basal rhizome. Insects are attracted to nectar at the tip of the pitcher and digested by enzymes when they slip and slide down the pitcher.

Care for your pitcher plant with bright light and keep the medium moist. There is no need to fertilizer your pitcher plant as they are adapted to absorb nutrients from their prey. 

This product comes in a white nursery pot size (D8.5cm) and is packaged in a sturdy clear plastic box, making is suitable for gifting.

Care Guide

Light: Bright shade to direct sunlight

Water: Keep medium moist

Humidity: Average

Medium: Well-draining, nutrient-free medium

Propagation: Division



This product comes in a nursery pot.

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