Rhipsalis sp.
Rhipsalis sp.
Rhipsalis sp.

Rhipsalis sp.


This Rhipsalis has angular stems that branch and drape just a little on the wild side, making it a great hanging plant if you are looking for something unusual yet still providing jungle vibes.

Rhipsalis is a genus in the Cactaceae family, or the Cactus family. As they are widely distributed throughout tropical regions, they are commonly referred to as jungle cacti. As they are mostly epiphytes, they enjoy bright, filtered light and water only when the medium is dry.

Care Guide

Light: Bright shade to gentle direct sunlight

Water: Water when medium is completely dry

Humidity: Average

Medium: Well-draining medium. We recommend using our Tropical Rainforest Epiphytic Potting Mix

Propagation: Stem cutting, seed

Not Pet-friendly


This product comes in a nursery pot.

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