Pilea spruceana
Pilea spruceana
Pilea spruceana

Pilea spruceana


Pilea spruceanum is a compact plant with chocolate colored leaves that have silvery bands and a hint of bronze in the new leaves. Its diminutive habit makes it a suitable terrarium plant. This plant is tolerant of shady conditions and makes a great indoor plant.

Pilea is the largest genus in the flowering family Urticaceae with over 600 species widely distributed throughout the tropics to warm temperate regions (with the exception of Australis and New Zealand). Most of the species grow along the forest floor as small shrubs and are therefore suitable for the shaded conditions of the home.

This product comes in a nursery pot. White ceramic pot for illustration purposes only.

Care Guide

Light: Med to brright shade

Water: Water when top inch is dry

Humidity: Average

Medium: Well-draining soil. We recommend using our Tropical Rainforest Ground Potting Mix

Propagation: Stem cutting, plantlets


Styling Tips


This product comes in a plastic nursery pot.

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