Philodendron Paraiso Verde

Philodendron Paraiso Verde


A beautiful collection with long, stunning, and statement leaves growing on small stems.

The leaves variegation depends on the environment that they are put in. If you receive the optimum and equal amounts of sunlight, the entire leaf will be of an even color. In the case of irregular sunlight distribution, you might see some shades of light and darker green on the foliage

A low-maintenance, gorgeous plant for your indoor settings, you will love this species.

Care for them in a brightly shaded location, with a well draining soil mix and water when top one third soil is dry.

Available in forest green nursery pot size D17cmxH18cm

Repotted in our premium Tropical Rainforest Potting Mix for Ariods and Hoyas

You will be receiving the exact plant featured.