Love in a Basket (Oxalis triangularis)

Love in a Basket (Oxalis triangularis)



Oxalis triangularis is a stunning, romantic species with deep purple geometric leaves and lilac-pink flowers. The blooms can last for several weeks and the leaves fold up during night time. This plant enjoys plenty of filtered sun and a good drink. Love in a basket is the perfect pairing of the Oxalis with a hanging basket, making a great balcony piece or gift!

Oxalis is a genus in the flowering family Oxalidaceae. The 500 over species are distributed almost all over the world, with concentrations in Brazil, Mexico and South Africa. Some species in the genus are referred to as false shamrock.


Care Guide

Light: Bright shade to gentle direct sunlight

Water: Water when surface is dry

Humidity: Average

Medium: Well-draining medium. We recommend using our Tropical Rainforest Ground Potting Mix

Propagation: Tubers

Not Pet-friendly


This product comes in a nursery pot.

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This product comes together with a nursery potted plant sitting within a wicker hanging basket.