Red Wood Oval Coffee Snack Tray
Red Wood Oval Coffee Snack Tray

Red Wood Oval Coffee Snack Tray


Red Wood Oval Coffee Snack Tray


Dimension : 17.5 cm (Length) X 10 cm (Width) X 2 cm (Height)

Material : Red Wood

Made in Java Indonesia


Red Wood; the lightweight beauty of tropical wood.

Red wood are valuable and beautiful timber long known for being durable and dense. It has a smooth and uniform grain. And it exhibits a charming appearance of a light red brown colour. Red wood of Indonesia originates mainly from Sulawesi and Kalimantan. It is a high quality lightweight hardwood that is mainly used for high-end furniture work, interior finishing, homewares, decorative paneling, musical instruments and other wood crafts. Though it is a hardwood, it has fine and delicate texture. The initial process of production of this product involved kilning dry the wood until the moisture content achieve 5% so as to attain strong stability. This enable the wood to stay flat and not wrap for a long time. Forming is then done by precision engineering process to achieve high accuracy. And the final process is completed using skilled hands in sanding it for a smooth perfect finishes.

The scientific name is known as Toona sureni. It is a species of tree related to the mahogany family but then it is not mahogany wood. It is native to South Asia, Indochina, Malaysia, China, and Papua New Guinea. It is commonly known as the suren toon, surian, limpaga, iron redwood or the red cedar.