Nephrolensis exalta ‘Emina’
Nephrolensis exalta ‘Emina’
Nephrolensis exalta ‘Emina’

Nephrolensis exalta ‘Emina’


The Emina is an unusual variety of the Boston fern.

Attractive, distinctive fronds that twist and spiral makes this houseplant looks fluffy.

Being more compact and slower growing than other Bostons, it is a nice option for those who have limited space.

Like other Boston ferns, not only are Eminas non toxic to pets, they have air-purifying properties, improving humidity by restoring moisture to the air naturally too.

Caring for Boston ferns is easy, as long as you meet their need for high humidity. Emina isn’t quite as fussy as its relatives about watering, making it a good variety for beginning Boston fern enthusiasts.

Place your Emina in a shaded area with no direct sunlight. Cut stems at the soil line to tidy up the plant and to encourage new growth and fullness.


Available in brown nursery pot D9.5cmxH8cm


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