Nepenthes Miranda
Nepenthes Miranda

Nepenthes Miranda


Nepenthes ‘Miranda’ is a statement piece with its impressively large pitchers and strap like leaves. The pitcher themselves are exquisite. The body of the pitcher almost looks like cheetah skin and the rim of the mouth of the pitcher is ribbed in deep, blood red. Definitely not for the faint-hearted

Nepenthes is a genus of carnivorous plants in the Nepenthaceae family. Commonly known as the Tropical Pitcher Plant, Nepenthes species are distributed throughout tropical regions in Asia, Madagascar and Australia. Nicknamed 袋袋平安 in Mandarin, which translates to many bags of peace, the tropical pitcher plant, or Nepenthes, also symbolizes bags full of wealth for years to come. The larger the ‘bags’ the more auspicious!

This product is available in a brown nursery pot (D14cm x H11cm).

Care Guide

Light: Bright shade to direct sunlight

Water: Keep medium moist

Humidity: Average

Medium: Well-draining, nutrient-free medium

Propagation: Division



This product comes in a nursery pot.

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