Monstera Thai Constellation B
Monstera Thai Constellation B

Monstera Thai Constellation B


We hear you.

Only 2 leaves? Yes.

No holes? Yes, no fenestrations yet.

Gardening teaches patience and hard work.

Above all, it teaches trust and acceptance of the forces of life.

The Thai Constellation gets its name from the attractive variegated leaves marbled with splashes of creamy-yellow colouring. it is speckled and unpredictable - hence the name ‘Constellation’.

As the Thai Constellation is a cultivar developed from tissue culture, it is a stable variegation, white parts will not revert to green. Compared to the Monstera albo borsigiana, Thai Constellation has shorter inter-nodal spacing and larger leaves size too. You can trust him to grow fairly big.

Care for it in a brightly shaded location with a well draining soil mix and water when top one third of the soil is dry.

We are hearing you again.

That crazy price tag?

Did we not mention acceptance of the forces of life?

That includes economic forces too ;)

Available in black nursery pot size D15cmxH12cm

Repotted in our premium Tropical Rainforest Potting Mix for Ariods and Hoyas

You will be receiving the exact plant featured.