Handwoven Ata Reed Round Coaster

Handwoven Ata Reed Round Coaster


Handwoven Ata Reed Round Coaster 

Specification :

Material : Ata Reed

Dimension  : 9.5 cm (Diameter)

Made in Indonesia


A feel of nature warmth and timeless beauty

Good Ata Reed Basketware is prized worldwide for its durability, functionality and aesthetic beauty. Many of the more modern form of this basketware have good stream lines that can easily allow it to accentuate modern interior decoration effortlessly. And it emits an air of natural warmth to the surrounding. Infact, some of the finest and most intricately designed Ata Reed Basketware are highly sought after as collectible worldwide as well.

Ata (also known as ‘Ketak’) is a kind of vine for making this fine and beautifully woven basketware. Scientifically known as Lygodium circinnatum; it is a kind of natural vine that grows in the highland region in Indonesia. And they are mainly found in West Nusa Tenggara, East Nusa Tenggara and in Bali Provinces.

The weaving on this basketware is based on a traditionally defined process. And it is usually carried out by the craftswomen in the villages of Bali and Lombok. The initial process of creation involved the splitting of the vine which is about 1 m long to create finer pieces for weaving. The splited vines are then immersed in river water for days so as to enhance shaping process. Weaving takes place upon then via the good patience and skill trained hands of the craftsperson. The basketware is very much tightly woven compared to some other loosely woven wicker products. The created products are then further sun out and smoke with coconut husks for a week. The result is a golden honey patina look emitting warmth. The whole process could easily take up weeks or months just to create a basketware with the weaving process consuming most of the time. And the final creation is one that is delicate to touch yet deep in strength. It has a product lifespan that easily outlast any of those other wicker woven products out. Ata Reed Basketware has heat and water resistance as well as insect repelling properties. All these attributes contributed to Ata Reed Basketware being crowned as one of the finest and toughest naturally woven basketware available in this world.

Having said that, Ata Reed Basketware tends to have different prices and quality even for the same product type. This difference usually lies in the preparation, skill level and care given by the craftsperson. Chances are the cheaper ones tends to be poorly prepared, woven with lesser details and comes with a less attractive end finishes.

In Crafted Identity, we work closely with our supplier who cultivates a good process of creation to ensure a high standard of quality. And we provide a wide range of design for home use in modern interior design setting. Our selected products generally carries a modern look and timeless feel; exhibiting an attractive price value proposition for our customer to possess this unique basketware for a long time.