Hoya kerrii variegata
Hoya kerrii variegata
Hoya kerrii variegata
Hoya kerrii variegata

Hoya kerrii variegata

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Hoya kerrii is also known as the sweetheart plant because of its large, heart-shaped leaves. The flowers are furry and cream yellow on the outside and a waxy, wine red in the center. It does not typically produce any scent, but does produce a noticeable amount of nectar that can drip and stain furniture.

The genus Hoya is a group of largely epiphytic flowering plants native to mainly Southeast Asia with many species also native to Australia. As such, it is relatively easy to grow and flower in our local tropical climate. We recommend using our Tropical Rainforest Epiphytic Potting Mix with this plant (available online). 

Keep your Hoyas generally in bright shade. A few hours of gentle direct sunlight can encourage faster growth and more blooms. Do not cut off the flower stalks, which are also known as peduncles, as Hoyas can re-bloom from the same stalk over and over again. It is fairly common for Hoyas to 'abort' blooms and new leaves, but do not worry too much as they can easily bounce back. Instead, ensure that the plant is getting sufficient light, and is not over or under-watered. To prevent over watering, make sure succulent leaves are slightly soft and that the medium is completely dry before watering.

Care Guide

Light: Bright shade to some gentle direct sunlight

Water: Water when medium is completely dry or when leaves loose turgidity

Humidity: Average

Medium: when dry out 

Propagation: Propagates easily with stem cutting

Not safe for pets.


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