Golden Larch Bonsai #01 (Pseudolarix Amabilis)
Golden Larch Bonsai #01 (Pseudolarix Amabilis)
Golden Larch Bonsai #01 (Pseudolarix Amabilis)

Golden Larch Bonsai #01 (Pseudolarix Amabilis)


The species is commonly known as golden larch.

Pseudolarix amabilis is a species of coniferous tree in the pine family Pinaceae.

This larch is a genus of tall coniferous trees which are, in contrast to most other conifers, deciduous. Larches are popular bonsai because of their quickly thickening trunks with beautiful bark and light green autumn colour foilage.

Care for your Golden Larch Bonsai in in bright shade yet cool environment. Heat and direct sun can burn the leaves easily. Mist the leaves and water adequately.

This plant comes potted in a zen white ceramic pot with separate ceramic tray. It is potted in quality   Japanese akadama soil.

Ideal as the perfect gift of nature!

Care Guide

Light: Bright shade

Water: Water when medium is top one third dry

Humidity: Medium

Medium: Well-draining medium

Propagation: Separation of offsets



Product photo shown is for reference only. Actual plant colour, type, size and arrangement may differ from photo. As no two plants are alike, do expect its natural variation from the photos.

* This product comes in plastic pot in acadama soil and moss top 

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