Tropicana Terrarium Kit
Tropicana Terrarium Kit

Tropicana Terrarium Kit

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Tropicana Terrarium Kit

Equiped with everything necessary to create the beautiful environment to display and start growing your air plant. Our Tropicana Air Plant Terrarium Kit comes easy as a “DIY” kit featuring some of the most popular air plants and accessories of ours. This interesting Tropicana Terrarium kit comes impressive with one hand blown 18 cm high 'Teardrop" design glass, 1 Tillandsia and other accessories. Giving style and allure both indoor or outdoor. At the kitchen, living room, patio or even work desk. Serve ideal as home accent piece or as a gift for that someone special.

The Tropicana Air Plant Terrarium Kit Includes:

  • Hand blown 18 cm high  "Teardrop" design terrarium
  • 1 Tillandsia Ionantha
  • 2 small exotic sea shell
  • 1 tuft of old spring reindeer moss
  • 1 tuft of peach reindeer moss
  • 1 pack of fine puka sand
  • Care card instructions for Air Plant

Please note that the air plants you received might differ slightly from what is shown as plants are living things. We will make our best effort to pick for you our best plants in our garden.