Haws Nickel Mist Spray
Haws Nickel Mist Spray
Haws Nickel Mist Spray
Haws Nickel Mist Spray

Haws Nickel Mist Spray

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Haws Nickel Mist Spray

  • All nickel plated mist sprayer
  • 300ml
  • Ideal house plant/orchid sprayer
  • Easy press plunger for fine mist spray
  • Simply beautiful as a decorative piece by itself
  • Gift boxed
  • Product of UK



A timeless and beautifully crafted mister made of Brass. Good for watering airplants, orchids, seedlings and various thirsty houseplants that simply enjoy humidity. Likewise; it can also be used effectively as liquid fertilizer or liquid pest sprayer for your garden needs. Comes nicely in a gift boxed.

Made in England by Haws since 1855; this patented design come from one of the most trusted name in garden tools. Small in size but it is robust in his ability to create a full fine spray with its easy press plunger. This mister is able to hold up to 300ml of fluid. Minimal maintenance; this Mister will acquire a interesting patina as time goes by which can be easily restored with a nickel polisher.

It is also available in Brass.



Size : 9 cm x 15 cm

300 ml

Materials : Nickel


The Roots of Haws

Over one hundred years ago in 1886 John Haws of Clapton, London obtained a patent for an improved watering pot. The patent read:

‘This new invention forms a watering pot that is much easier to carry and tip, and at the same time being much cleaner, and more adapted for use than any other put before the public.’

John Haws first worked out his improved design and method of manufacture from a French made waterpot (or can as they are now called) and designed a can with perfect balance. Whether full, half full or empty the can could be used without undue strain to the operator. To this day, the original design has not been altered in any major way.

As watering was all done by hand in those days, there was a clear need for a good range of watering cans and the new Haws models found a ready market. Sales were buoyant both to the large glasshouse nurseries being established around London and the large provincial cities, and to professional gardeners on the landed estates flourishing throughout Great Britain.

When John Haws’ descendant Arthur Haws took over the management of the business in the early 1900s he faced stiff competition from companies imitating the Haws design. To meet it he spent a good deal of time perfecting the design of the roses, both oval and round, such that they were suitable for watering newly sown seeds, delicate seedlings and small plants. This feature of Haws cans also remains as important now as it was then.

Today, Haws’ comprehensive range of watering cans continues to offer new innovations (pot watering attachments and parking points for roses are recent examples) as well as utilising the many excellent design features of the original models.